Gourmet Poverty

In 2005, living in a chaotic house with three kids under 6, I cooked myself sane. And then, in response to lots of requests from friends for recipes, I was inspired to write my own cookbook, which I gave to about 60 friends in Australia, the US and the UK for summer solstice that year. I’ve since sent the pdf to dozens more friends, old and new.

I’ve had a dream that I would pitch the book, which is called Gourmet Poverty, to a publisher one day. The realities of study, work and family life have meant it’s remained low on the priority list. I’ve also long intended to write a second version, which I’m sure I’ll do once we’re out on the farm. But for now, I’m simply going to share it here. It’s full of recipes and stories of where I got them and who we’ve eaten them with, as well as possibly an overdose of photos of my much-adored brood.

For those of you with your own copies, you’ll see I’ve made a couple of minor revisions – I strongly encourage you to cross out the original pizza recipe and follow the new one!

Here it is, world, Gourmet Poverty by Tammi Jonas. 🙂

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Tammi Jonas

The infrequent and imperfect yet impassioned musings of a farmer, meatsmith, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and cultural commentator with a penchant for food and community.

7 thoughts on “Gourmet Poverty”

  1. Came across your recipe book via your comment on QandA!

    I am poor, so thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. About the Eggs Elise, do you mix it into the melted butter or just pour it on top?

  3. i like the photo for eggs elise!!!! wicked smile 🙂

    oooh multi-culti food and friends who teach you things. nice.

    tx u tammi. not long to go now… i am awaiting your tales of the u.s.a. And especially of our favourite farmer and pulled pork.

    have fun!

  4. Rachael – just let the butter melt in the baking dish in the oven, then pour the mixture into it – it’ll bubble a bit immediately, and end up kind of puffy & scrumptious. 🙂

    Sharon – thank you! I feel very pleased to have shared, even if I’m dying to offer more of my recent recipes now! And don’t worry, #RoadTripUSA stories I will tell! Mmmm, pulled pork… 😀

  5. YAY! I hope you enjoy the lovely sushi, I’m pretty sure you will. Have a very safe trip darling!

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