Cartesian Kids

We’re in the kitchen, kids at the table, me at the butcher’s block. Atticus announces that he will be unable to do something, as ‘the boss’ won’t let him do it.

Me: “Who’s the boss, sweetheart?”

Atticus: “The boss is my heart!”

Me: (melt, grin)

Antigone: “My brain is my boss!”

Me: (whoa, philosophy starts young in this house, and what debates we’ll be having at this rate!)

Oscar: “Well, I’m the boss of both my brain and my heart!”

(This last is especially typical of Oscar, who actually argued with me in his sleep while camping when he sleep-talked, and I said, “go back to sleep, Darling, you’re dreaming,” to which he responded, still asleep, “no I’m not!” then promptly laid back down and slumbered on.)