Going Up the Country, Farmers We Will Be!

Less than three months ago, I wrote about our Notice to Vacate and how it galvanised us to action. Farmers we would be. Well guess what, dear readers? We found a farm!

View to the east overlooking the house

It’s a beautiful 69 acres just west of Daylesford with an ordinary little 3-bedroom house on it. We’re putting all our worldly goods into a 40-foot high top shipping container, storing it on the property, and buggering off on RoadTripUSA ’til the end of August. Upon our return, we will convert the container into a parents’ retreat, with bedroom, study and our own bathroom for the first time since kids! Within a couple years we’d like to build a bigger Dream House.


We hope to get our first pigs soon after our return, and the first Pig Day (a la the wonderful de Bortolis) will be next winter. Don’t worry, you’ll hear about it. Other ideas include small herds of heritage cattle and sheep, plenty of chickens (we can have roosters finally!), ducks, turkeys… we’re investigating possible crops for small-scale commercial production such as garlic and horseradish as well. And of course we can’t wait to set up a serious permaculture system for our own delicious household growing.

For those wondering, have these months been stressful? UNEQUIVOCALLY YES. Not only has our future accommodation been uncertain since February, we’ve been trying to pull RoadTripUSA together in the midst of that uncertainty. I’m sure it’s just pure bloody-mindedness paired with eternal optimism that got us to where we are…

And let’s add to that list ongoing PhD work (and missed deadlines), a journal article in need of revision after the referees’ reports, CAPA work far more than two days a week (which is what I signed up for and fishbowl-optimist believed would happen) which has seen me interstate a number of times, the normal work involved in keeping a family of five on track plus Stuart’s regular demands of running and further developing Solarvox while still consulting for his old company two days a week… do you want me to stop now? I do. Stop.

In just over two weeks, we will fly away. That original starry-eyed plan where we buy a farm and settle when we get back, so we get to travel for three months rent and mortgage free has amazingly come true. It feels like we’ve done it by the skin of our teeth, but by golly we did it! Farmers we will be! ๐Ÿ™‚

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10 thoughts on “Going Up the Country, Farmers We Will Be!”

  1. TJ, if anyone on this shiny planet deserves to have it all come together, it’s you! I’m so delighted, and can’t wait to visit the new digs ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m back from being nursemaid soon and would reeeeeally like to see you before you go stateside – so much to catch up on!

  2. Thanks, you guys! I’m still pinching myself that it’s all happening (not to mention really fast and busy and zomigod)! Cindy, I reckon we are a little crazy, but hopefully in a good way. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now we’ll see what kind of farmers we really make! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Hey guys, huge congratulations!!
    What exciting adventures you have ahead.
    Now I have to work out where West Daylesford is.
    Have a great trip and we’ll catch up when we return from ours.

  4. Thanks, Kate! Very exciting – can’t wait to get some good advice and enjoy a glass of wine on our new verandah with you! Have a fantastic trip!

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