Fancy Gap fried chicken & artichokes

Having just made the most delicious fried chicken OF MY LIFE, I feel compelled to share immediately! First of all, anyone who wants to complain that ‘this is too hard/too much work/I don’t have the right [insert utensils/mod cons]’, it’s important that you know that we made this dinner in the RockVan, a 1977 GMC motorhome, deep in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Fancy Gap, Virginia.

The RockVan

So go for it – you won’t be sorry.


1 free-range chicken, jointed (we were fortunate to have a Polyface chicken)


bread crumbs (making your own from a nice loaf of sourdough is best, but after drying slices on the dash while driving, then mangling them with our secondhand hand blender, Stuart reckons we’ll buy some next time for RockVan ease…)




salt & pepper




vegetable oil


Soak the chicken pieces in buttermilk for a few hours (out of the fridge so it will fry evenly when the time comes).

Soaking the chicken in buttermilk

Turn the onion and garlic into a paste – you can do it with a mortar and pestle, but in this case, I cannot see why not to use the hand blender, which is all we have in the RockVan anyway. Set aside in a bowl.

Garlic/onion paste

Blend your bread crumbs until fine-ish, then add all the dried spices – salt & pepper to taste, but I would encourage you to be liberal with both.

Dredging the chicken in spiced breadcrumbs

Pull pieces of chicken from the buttermilk, dredge very lightly in flour, then in the garlic/onion paste, then in the spiced bread crumbs. You can either shallow fry (with enough oil to virtually half cover the pieces) or deep fry.

Pop in the oven for 10-20 minutes – totally depends on the size of your pieces, heat of your oven, etc.

Having served ours with artichokes tonight, I reckon I never need anything else for dinner. This is very happymaking food.

Fancy Gap fried chicken & artichokes.

Y’all come back now. 😉


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5 thoughts on “Fancy Gap fried chicken & artichokes”

  1. I’m trying that this friday night! The best thing? The only thing I need to buy is buttermilk! Oh, and chicken, of course… 😉 Will let you know how it goes.

    Thank you motorhomemomma!

  2. On a fried chicken tangent (of the Korean bent), can I just note how amazeballs ORSM daikon and nashi slaw is as an accompaniment to fried chicken?

    Rice vinegar/mirin/salt/sesame oil dressing. You do the math. 😉

  3. Yes!
    I make this for my kids too- we put some smoked paprika and cumin in for good measure.
    I agree- it is soooooo good!
    And super dooper easy too- and I love that i get to drink the buttermilk that is leftover.
    Great pic of the kids!

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