High Adventure from Taos to Mesa Verde

My post on New Mexico and Colorado went up last week. Here are a couple of bonus photos for that one. 🙂

Dried chilies selection in Santa Fe!
Found the tortilla presses for me & @crazybrave!
Mmm... tamales anyone?
When you can't decide between salsa verde or roja, have both!
Parking at Taos Pueblo
High desert fun
Roast vegies & chevre from the Santa Fe farmers' market

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2 thoughts on “High Adventure from Taos to Mesa Verde”

  1. Rightio. I’ve been cooking in India recently, but these photos are divine. Onto mexico/south america next.

    And soon you’ll be a farmer! Get someone to record sbs gourmet farmer on thursday night. MtGnomon Farm will be on the first episode.

  2. Thanks Sharon! I’ll definitely check out the Gourmet Farmer episode – exciting! And yes, you should most definitely explore Mexican, which I think is probably my favourite cuisine. 🙂

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