America up high & down low on the bayou…

I’ve been remiss again – here are my last two posts for Crikey on Road Trip USA:

The Appalachians: highs, lows & barbecue


Road Trip USA from New Orleans to the Bayou

Hope you enjoy! When I’m not sheltering from the intense heat of Texas and access some wifi, I’ll pop up some bonus pics, but until then, here’s one of my faves.

'gator on the bayou

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4 thoughts on “America up high & down low on the bayou…”

  1. I’m so glad the kids got to see a ‘gator. Andy and I had a wonderful time with you; he loves nothing more than a smart, educated and opinionated conversational partner. Enjoy the rest of your trip, and save my email address in case you make it to Florida. I have a friend there who has goats!

  2. Thanks, Terri! Still having a brilliant time, as I hope you are – made it to the reunion yet? We also hugely enjoyed the conversation in New Orleans – you guys are great company. 🙂 And if you get to Melbourne, Oz before we make it to Melbourne, Florida, you have a bed on the farm for as long as you want! xo

  3. Great post Tammi but one laced with some melancholy I gather. I haven’t been to the states but Cate my wife did 20 years ago and she regails me with very similar supermarket tales. She could not find a single green grocer selling fresh fruit & vegies in any main shopping strip.
    Does it make you feel lucky to at least have a choice of food here in Aus?
    Its so interesting that we hear much of the food movement in the Sates yet you have seen with your own eyes the reality of how most people consume food. I reckon we’re not far behind em in many respects. Just take a look at most trolleys in any supermarket the country over and not just cities, its full of processed shite.
    Its hard not to get overwhelmed at times and feel totally gutted but at least you are going against the trend and thats all anyone can do really, despite the odds.
    Lester Bngs, iconic muic jouno once said that most bands eventually join the long march to the middle and your metaphor about the middle of the supermarket having the least amount of nutritional sustainance is as apt as his words about popular music. Like a graviational pull, he middle of a supermarket might reach critical mass one day and implode into a black hole! Well here’s hoping! I’ll sign off with that cheery thought!
    Really enjoying your updates BTW!

  4. You rock! I found this post on Food Renegade’s Fight Back Friday & I’m subscribing to your blog right away. Thank you for piecing together these components of the American industrialized food system in such a cohesive & yet readable way.

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