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Michael over at My Aching Head has come up with a brilliant plan to bring the Melbourne food blogging community together on a regular basis to a) eat, b) drink, c) talk all things food blogging. You can read about the details, including our first venue & date, on his blog.

I’ll be the Mistress of Ceremonies, collating expressions of interest to give a presentation and facilitating discussion on the night(s). This will be a great opportunity to ask those tricky Word Press questions, discuss the ethical responsibilities of food reviewing, debate whether to monetise your blog, and argue the relative merits of good food photography. 🙂 Those interested in presenting (10 minutes followed by discussion, fairly informal) can email me at

I look forward to seeing many of you on the 31st of March!

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  1. Though a bit disorganised due to circumstances beyond Michael’s and my control, we ended up with about 20 ppl and a great conversation about what ppl would like in future from it, as well as spinning ideas for Food Fringe Festival. We’ll let you know when we work out next one, call for speakers, etc.

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