SE Asia or bust

It’s been nine years, three kids, one vasectomy, two degrees, countless hairstyles, two overseas moves and a couple of breakdowns since our last extended childless adventure o/s, and it’s time. We’ve been looking forward to this since Dad offered it a few months back, maybe even since around 2001? But now that it’s upon us, I can’t believe how hard it actually is to go. The kids are despondent, our friends and auntie & uncle are all set for support, and we really need a holiday, but ouch, this is hard. I just really wish we were taking the kids. I’m sure I’ll change my mind?

So the trip is 3 weeks for Stuart, 4 for me. Two weeks from Angkor to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) then Hanoi with my generous Ma and Pa and sister Jodes, then hopefully to Hoi An for about 5 days on our own (if it’s flooded, we’ll reroute…), finally to Saigon again, where Stuart will head home to lovely chaotic kiddles and I’ll stay on for a week for research. I do have the best research ever, being forced to hang out with people while they shop and/or eat and talk about food, family, memory and imagination. Tough gig.

One glitch though – Stuart was told on Friday that he has to go to Singapore for a meeting on his way to Bangkok, meaning he’s leaving in about an hour, whereas I leave at 1pm tomorrow, so we’re hooking up in the Bangkok airport. Not only is this unfortunate for the whole ‘first exciting/scary long trip away from wee ones’ bonding on the plane, it means I have to be the one to drop kids off at school in the morning without him, whilst they dissolve (and I… ?) and I march valiantly away to get a cab to the airport alone. I know that some folks will be thinking, “yeah, but at least you’re going overseas together(ish)”, but the physical act of leaving the creatures I grew is the single thing I am dreading most, and now, I’m on my own.

Okay, off to a jaw-clenching sleep before the dreaded separation, followed by, I’m sure, an amazing holiday. Hopefully the next post will be a bit more exciting…

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